Dear Diary.

Unknown day, but a saturday 06:13 pm

Dear Diary,

I used to tie my wounds this hard only to see denial in their eyes when I finaly showed them up. I lied so bad into that life that I don’t even remember how is the truth. Meaning, my original self. I dreamed of it, shield end preserved. Only to find my mind raped by demons’ toughts. I woke up mad and broken. And it grew with me as I was hiding it, holding it. Until it became a part of me.

Grumpy, thursty. Insatiable. Lying on my conscience, whispering. Living in me as I let some masks filter out of my grasp. Enduring the scratchs, the flesh, the blood, mental sinisters and other sins. We travelled as a conflicting whole. A being, with my old friend, dear sister quater of my personality. Cause I divised myself again to stay sain. Dug my guts in order to go over daily abuses. And I was damn so good in this act. As if I had nowhere else to go…Whilst too surrounded.

But I would have to cut too deep in order to be what I’m supposed to, now. Ain’t fitting in those shitty social categories. It hurts too much and I’m not strong enoug to try my unreveled traumas. Despite my identitary burden, am mostly fond of easiness, ya know. Lazing in some random stories to be able to feel something, sometimes. Reality is gross, rotten – wrong, in a way. I can’t get it and never had. Why would I want to attempt anymore ?


Juin 2016