Nda : Pendant que j’y suis ; lecture.


« Je n’ai jamais vraiment rêver de concrètement voler. J’ai toujours su que je ne voudrais pas redescendre. Ou du moins pas sans survivre à la chute. »


  • music 1 : Bless Me – 6lack
  • music 2Guts Over Fear – Eminem, Sia
  • music 3 : Drop The Game – Flume, Chet Faker
  • music 4: Insane – Kid Ink


I’ve never really dreamt

Of flying away

Beyond some vain attempts

To outburst gloomy pains

Those kind of shady nightmares

When my very soul is on the line

And deep inside

Even in my childhood

I’ve always known

That if I dare loose the ground

There won’t be any turning back

Any coming back

I might be a goner

But higher

Won’t ever

Be enough

Who am I though ?


Novembre 2017


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